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  • AIAA UCF has been awarded 2013-2014 Event of the Year for Aviation Design by KoRT!
  • Interested students can become a member at any meeting/event, or in our office in engineering 1- 146. If interested in projects/events, you can contact the team leads or sign up on the individual project/event pages above. 
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  • ​AIAA polos are available in the office if you pre-ordered one, and t-shirts are available now. 
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Upcoming Events
First General Meeting of the 2014-2015 academic year in early Fall will be announced soon! 

New and old projects to be announced for this year include Aviation Design, Rockets, Hovercraft, DBF, Cubesat, Cansat, and wave energy.
Guest Speakers, tours, workshops, outreach events, social events, and much more coming this year, keep an eye on the weekly launch, calendar, and Facebook for a more info on all of the great events AIAA UCF has planned for this year. ​​​